Aunt Flo & Her Purpose

Ever wonder why our periods are so painful? Or why we really have them? To tune into Thyself.

Realizing that detoxing shouldn’t be used to help you “slim down” but rather so that your body RESETS and is capable of performing effectively with any herbal regime you intake was a monumental mental breakthrough for me.

Our body is capable of naturally purifying itself if it was best supported by us and not given so much harmful toxins.

Ladies, we have our menstruation cycles every month. And up until a year ago I deemed it as a curse and dreadful. Lol, now I’m excited to see her!

Our Aunt Flo really is a detox in her own way.

She rids our system of toxic waste via our blood, our glands (that’s why we get pimples! Bye Bye Toxins!), and if you truly pay attention we use the bathroom more frequently during this time out both ends. That’s our digestive system getting all the crap out of us that’s no longer of use or never was beneficial!

That bloat we feel really is painful!

The more painful our cycles are is a reminder to nourish ourselves (plenty water, rest, and herbs) and reflect on the last period of eating, drinking, and mindfulness to our health and lifestyle. If we are having a painful period or breaking out more-so than often, we may need to look into our dietary routine.

Eating a ton of fast food, not drinking enough water, even drinking a lot of liquor (even wine) may have you having a painful menstruation or a non existent one.

It’s very important that we begin to view the signs our body is telling us. Because it speaks to us all the time.

Hormones play a major deal but our body is a unit and if one thing is off the entire system is and will show itself in more ways than one.

Cherish your cycles and realize that we determine the type of cycle that we are going to have.

Nourish every aspect of your being. Mentally, physically, and spiritually and realize that it is ONE and take care of it as so, watch how greater you will feel.

Now on a metaphysical level, our cycles are heavily connected to the phases of the Moon!

Homework: I want you guys to look up “red witch/white witch and periods and their connection to the Moon.” Either yo educate or just for shits and giggles and I want us to discuss it on my Facebook Group!

I want you guys to also journal about this next New Moon into Full Moon phase of October too! Pay attention to your body, what you ingest, your cycle. Note the day your cycle starts and what phase the Moon is in at that time. Then study that phase and what the Moon maybe saying yo you at that time.

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