Awesome Adaptogens & Fantastic Fungi

I started watching this awesome documentary on Netflix on Fungus and how it’s importance on Earth. Going to finish it tonight and think you should watch it too!

Netflix has this pretty dope Documentary on Fungus called, “Fantastic Fungi” everyone should watch!!!!

I stumbled on it last night. (The Universe be Working) I have been heavily studying mushrooms and their healing capabilities in class and I’m making some tinctures with Maitaike Mushroom.

I have a powdered Immune Support Mushroom blend from Spirit of Health in Grandview too and I go in there and talk to them for forever about mushrooms and their medicinal benefits.

Mushrooms are adaptogenic and help to regulate our response to stress in our bodies and regain balance through ALL our body systems. Adaptogens are literally medicinal therapy that’s safe to take daily to aid in a well balanced mental and physical life.

If you suffer from any type of Autoimmune Deficiency, Medicinal Mushrooms are a great source of nutrients that will aid in REPAIRING and HEALING systems in your body that have either nerve or tissue damage.

Basically Adaptogenic Herbs help support our Endocrine System. Our sensory system that regulates our metabolism, mood, tissue wellness, and our growth & development.

If something offsets in the Endocrine System. If a gland is out of wack, which we know occurs often, then the entire system is out of order thus will affect other major body systems like our Digestive, Nervous, and Immune Systems.

It’s super important understanding NOW more than ever that our body systems do not work and act as stand alone systems, no they work as a WHOLE.

WE separate them to study their functions but the body is a system of unity!

Adaptogenic Herbs & Medicinal Mushrooms Work to repair us as a whole on a cellular level.

Get into Adaptogens! Learn about them in their entirety and adapt them to your daily life. You’ll be amazed at how they make you feel!!!!

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