Yes, I Cut My Hair

I’m seriously laughing because My Husband told me I was going to take pics and blog about this and I was trying to be all Vincent VonGLOW LMAO!

Yes I cut my hair.

To be honest, I’ve been wanting to for awhile but was super caught up worrying of I’d regret it. So, I kept them.

I got bored and would color my locs and style them but it still would never be enough over time.

I yearned for my curls yall!

You know I’ve always loved my naturally curly hair.

Really had embraced it even in the 7th grade until I heard people were making fun of me and my mushroom curl cut. It broke my heart.

That moment on, I grew it out and kept it relaxed and wrapped up until I graduated from High School.

I mean I was also the Queen of Straw Curls and Crimps but I really didn’t need to do much to my hair.

My Best-friend Puff was literally THE ONLY PERSON besides My Mama that ALWAYS would attempt to pump me up to rock my curls and I was always too afraid.

Hey, the very first time I did go to a party and rocked my Curly fro in High School, we got into a large brawl at Troostwood. (WHEW CHILE DA GHETTO!)

So, from then on it was back to the wraps, weave, and blah.

The first time in 2010 when I did the Big Chop it was due to medical reasons. I accepted it but I don’t think I fully embraced it.

Circa 2011 while in HairSchool.

Especially when I allowed men to determine rather I’d straighten it or not. And I would. I’d hear “Cater 2 U” playing in my head thinking I’m going to please my man.

Trash ass thinking. Lol

Then I grew it back out, relaxed it, and wore it in weaves galore.

I was thin but so unhealthy and unhappy.

Had two more kids and by Josiah I was over it all.

Got a pixie cut for awhile and loved it! But even then my soul cried out for more.

The Second Chop around I was actually loving it.

So I chopped the relaxer off again in 2018. Had it the shortest it ever was and I loved it.

Then in 2019 I let it grow back out and it got long, curly, chemically free, and luxurious. I wanted to try locs tho!

I loved having my big, healthy, curly fro while working at Sally’s. Sally’s literally became my photo prop lol. I felt so larger than life and confident! This helped me truly embrace just being FREE hair wise!

So, in February 2020, I did!

I went 1 year and 7 months and loved every minute of it.

I loved every moment of my locs but I’ve come to realize that I have to listen to my true self, my spirit, on everything. I’ve been wanting to do it and that first cut was so LIFTING!!!!

The good, the bad, and the ugly stage that really doesn’t exist.

To be honest, I loved them more as starter locs. When they get too long you go into the heftiest routine of care and it was way too much for my busy bee lifestyle.

So, I chopped them.

I feel lighter.

My is mind feels clear.

I absolutely LOVE it!!!! Like my Spirit KNEW I would!

And I’m ready to create so much dope ass shit, and have an amazing Fall making major connections for Hey Kilo Cares and my Husband’s and myself next business ventures! (Stay tuned.)

I’m grateful for the journey and I’m blessed to be able to embark on it with an amazing Man who loves me in all my stages.

I’m going to continue to go, grow, and most importantly GLOW ON!!!!

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  1. Krystle says:

    I love love love it!!!

    1. Kilo Sade says:

      Thanks so much Boo!!!!! I do too!!!! I feel SOO FREE!!!!

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