October Tarot Card Challenge

Want to learn Tarot?

I’m going to teach a few of my tricks for the Month of October!

I’ll give a little snippet for today’s card of the day!

Knight of Swords Reversed

Today’s Card of the day is the Knight of Swords Reversed.

I’m still going to record a video but I want you guys to start understanding and hearing your own intuition.

I’ve been trying to think of a Challenge to do for the Month of October and I figured it out.

31 Days of Tarot!

October is literally my favorite Month of the Year. Even though my Birthday is February 13th, Hallows Eve is legendary!

Anyhoots everyone has costumes down so, I’m going to do Tarot!

31 Days of asking you all what you see in a card?

What feelings arise in you looking at it?

What pictured in the card stands out to you?

What is your voice within saying to you?

What do I see?

Swords represent swift and sudden action, change, sharp intellect, logical approach, and strategic planning.

Pyramids represent our connection to the The Afterlife. It’s Point directed to the Heavens as a gateway or portal connection to Source.

The internal layout of the Pyramids is physiologically linked to our own anatomy.

In a reversed position I see an imbalance. Someone is struggling spiritually rather that’s being closed off of closed minded this closing off your connection to God OR by not speaking their truth and harnessing anger and contempt due to being bruised by love. Such as the case of being deeply disappointed in yourself and unable to feel or have love for yourself. Which is the greatest and most liberating love of all. And needed in order to ascend.

You have to love every part of you. The good, the bad. It’s all in us so embrace it.

Another thing I want folks to realize about cards is COLORS. This is why learning your chakras is so important.

Green, Blue, and Purple are the standing out colors of this card.

Green is the Heart Chakra.

Blue variations of Light Blue & Indigo represent the Throat & Third Eye. Speaking & Seeing things as they truly are.

Purple is the Crown Chakra and our Connectivity to Source/God.

This further verifies to me that someone is struggling with balance and ascension due to their stubborn heart.

Ok time to record!

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