Where would I be if it wasn’t for God?

Whew Chile I’d still be so lost looking everywhere else for fulfillment instead of within myself.


I don’t think I could ever say that more enough.

People love to assume I don’t believe in God or even Christ.

I definitely believe in both just not in the same way that most do.

A friend asked me do I believe that Christ died for us. I believe Christ Died but we must follow in his footsteps to deliver ourselves. We can’t use his death as an escape or an excuse to live this life of sin.

We want to walk like him we would and that’s takes a lot of discipline most folks wouldn’t even imagine.

So, that’s why a lot of folks walk around in the situations they do because they are continually walking in iniquity and depending on repenting to clear them without doing the work within and applying discipline within themselves to TRULY RISE and go through Christ to connect to God.

The seeds are within each and everyone of us.

We just have to do the work within to tap into it.

Just my thoughts tho. I’d never impose my beliefs on anyone.

But if you want to have a conversation about it with me WITHOUT attempting to push your beliefs on me, let’s have one.

Anyhoots just rejoicing and giving The Most High Praise this morning! I’m beyond grateful!

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