Intentional Wellness vs. Perfectionism

Most importantly live a life that’s true to you!

For 34 years I was on survival mode. Failing.

I believe when we live in a state of survival, we aren’t truly trusting or flowing with The Universe. We work against it.

That’s why so many things go the wrong way and shit gets out of control.

As I reflect back on my younger years and I see glimpses of times where I would let go and just allow things to be, things would move smoother. Blessings and opportunities would appear out of thin air.

The major lesson I learned lately is just saying no, letting go, and moving on. Not explaining anything anymore and just letting shit be.

Not forcing anything with myself or anyone.

If there is something or someone that no longer resonates to where I am I let it/them go.

It doesn’t mean that they are wrong for being who they are or it’s a terrible thing. No. It’s just not who I am or for me.

It’s nothing personal. It just doesn’t align to where I am now.

Attachments are unhealthy. Attachments cause harm and pain.

I don’t want people so attached to me that the moment I don’t do something they want me to do they get angry and upset.

That’s why we see so much pain in this World.

All these unhealthy ass attachments to things that no one truly governs or owns. From religion to sports.

Friendships to Relationships.

You are no ones property. No one owns you. I don’t care if you’re married, in a relationship, or dating.

Your spouse nor your friends own you. You are your own person. And you need to realize that and accept that everything you do should be based off your beliefs and values and no one else’s.

This is your life and you need to let that be known.

So, many couples in my readings. I hear often how much they loss a sense of themselves by being together. Making it so hard for them to see each other as individuals. That’s a beautifully sad reality that I once identified with.

We got to start making it acceptable to still be yourself and in love with someone. Isn’t that what you fell in love with initially? That person? Their uniqueness? If not then you need to ask yourself why you’re with them.

Me, I’m complex. I love my complexity. I love how I like to shake shit up and how fearless I am. How I refuse to be boxed into these “norms” so many people place themselves into.

Perfection is obsolete.

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