Don’t Give Up

I had a mini meltdown in the wee hours of this morning. (Trust me I’m fine now.)

Everything that could hit me seemed to be hitting me from all angles.

I went into full fright and flight response starters initiative.

Sent a lengthy message to my Husband.

Started just thinking so down on myself you know.

Thinking everything that could go wrong is GOING WRONG!

That small negative voice I’d shadowed dived deep enough to silence tried to creep back in til I heard my Higher Selfs louder voice tell me to “Get Up.”

And you can’t ignore that voice even if you tried.

I got up and I got to moving. I got to thinking. I got to preparing for the day.

I got into “my routine”. And worrying and stressing and talking down to myself is absolutely not apart of it.

By the time I was done I finally sat down to check my accounts before I clocked in and to do my daily planner, there was an unexpected $200 in my savings account.

I say all that to say WORRYING, STRESSING, WON’T solve anything but more STRESS AND WORRY.

Intentional Wellness is more than just working out physically, dieting nutritionally, Nah.

More than just a lifestyle change.

It’s a mindset SHIFT.

I just want anyone going through something right now to realize that I know it’s easier said than done and these traumas hit us deeply as life hits us harder but baby you are more than a conqueror as you have come so far and have so much more life to live FOR YOU! For YOU.

Everything else is irrelevant or an extension of you so I need YOU TO HOLD ON FOR YOU!

Because you are worthy of the blessings that are already yours!

Cant no one but YOU block you from them. What’s yours is yours.

Already written. Just depends on how you want to travel this road and get there or not.

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