Random Religion vs. Spirituality Post

I don’t have a problem with Organized Religion.

I have a problem with our unhealthy attachments to EVERYTHING.

When you have an unhealthy attachment to your PRIDE AND EGO it won’t matter what you believe in you will ALWAYS be ready to persecute someone who thinks differently and practices faiths that are different than yours.

That is unhealthy.

I’ve witnessed it with a friend of mine. She’d jump from one belief get well versed in it then use it against folks to make them feel beneath her for not believing what she believed.

That further divides folks.

We have to allow Grace to folks on their journey. All of us are on our own paths going at our own pace.

We can live and critique our own experience here in this realm.

I know people who are unhealthily attached to Spiritualism, Christianity, and Islam. He’ll look at the Hebrew Israelites!

Anything that takes you out of character and angers you out of feeling nothing but love
For your neighbor is not of God or love.

That’s your attempt to control someone else’s will and something you have to work on within you.

We don’t own these religions. We don’t own
anyone. I can’t force my kids to believe what I believe I just set am example for them. Has my example always been the best? No.

I am definitely better than I was yesterday.

We are no greater than any living Creator on this Earth and are just one part of this World.

We should cherish it and honor it by being better to it and to ourselves.

That’s my Ted Talk for today….

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