My Utopia

I remember in my English 101 class in College we needed to write a short essay on what a perfect World would be like.

How it would be governed. How day to day life would be for all that lived there.

I wrote some bullshit that clearly wasn’t worth remembering because I don’t remember a lick of the essay. Lol

However, over the years I find myself always pondering over that question. What would the perfect World look like to me? What would it consist of? How would the people be governed?

Of course I would want everyone to be treated as equals. I believe anywhere there is a hierarchy there will always be pain and suffering. So, I wouldn’t want any hierarchy’s. I’d want everyone to be able to grow, cultivate, and provide abundantly for their people.

I think bartering over currency would be amazing. Where if one lacked an essential item or amenity they could barter something that they had an overage of with someone else that could be in need of it. That would be cool.

Healthcare would definitely be free and naturopathic and focused on healing the WHOLESELF and not just one ailment.

Nutrition would be top of the line and everyone would be skilled at agriculture, gaming, and fishing. Sidenote, I love fishing. It’s so relaxing. I miss fishing with Mother Dear and Great Grand and scaling fish with a spoon. Anyhoots, back to my Utopia.

I wouldn’t want everyone forced to think the same or alike. I think a World where everyone had the same thoughts and ideals would be hella boring. No, we need to have a good balance of appreciated debate and conversation. However, I’d like a World where folks actually thought first before they spoke. You know? Like don’t just speak out of context really take some time and think before you open your mouth. That would be amazing.

No more emotional outburst or overreacting. You’re just capable of having a healthy disagreement built on logic, love, and mutual respect. Hell that would heal THIS WORLD for sure.

A perfect balance of emotion and logic is just everything. You realize how much power your words weigh and you’re not throwing verbal daggers aimed to cause harm but to enlighten, you know? To create thought provocative conversations that’s filled with substance and character. And not just to debate to belittle.

That’s all I got right now though but I think that’s a great start to a healthy alternative World in comparison to the one we live in right now.

What would your Utopia look like?

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