New Moon in Libra

Relationships in all aspects will be challenged this period. Be open and be honest.

New Moon in Libra • Ruler Venus • Love, Balance, & Communication

New Moon in Libra is opening us up to dive deep into our connections and relationships and find balance and harmony within them or to let them go.

We will need to truly be honest with ourselves on our wants and desires as the Universe stirs up the need for balance and equilibrium in our lives.

This isn’t just applied to romantic relationships but also business connections, friendships, MONEY, and most importantly the relationship that we have with ourselves.

Are you happy, content, and truly in love with who you are at this moment?

Questions to ask yourselves subconsciously:

  1. Am I able to be honest with communicating my wants, needs, and desires with myself/those that I love. (High time for freedom and independence)
  2. Are my connections allowing me room to be and breathe?
  3. Are my relationships in alignment with my Higher Self?

Time to truly be HONEST with yourselves. This will free you to authentically be free to be yourself, communicate effectively, and truly build stronger bonds with those that you love, especially within you.

Today’s Affirmation: Subconscious and Superconscious I open my heart, soul, and mind so that I am capable of receiving Universal messages that will bring peace, open flow, and balance into my life. (Repeat as often throughout the day as you need.)

Remember open and honest communication is key to unlocking your mental and emotional freedom. Watch the actions and reactions of those you confide in. As they too are feeling the need for change. 💖 Find the balance of applying grace as well as standing firm on your own boundaries to maintain your own peace and equilibrium but also respecting theirs as well.

Mutualism is the goal.

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