Wellness Begins at Home

When our babies are sick or injured we can not
afford to panic.

My oldest love HAD a slight temp this morning and sore throat. Which is to be expected with the weather changing and our bodies becoming adapted to it.

My favorite blend for sore throats/coughs for kids features mullein, turmeric, peppermint and some
Other spices that help with soothing his throat, any inflammation he maybe experiencing, and soothing his nerves.

Threw a lil Rosemary in so he could focus on getting this grade up in Pre-Algebra too 👀 lol.

I absolutely love being a Mama. I love it.

He’s already killed the 8oz jar asking if it’s any more.

Herbs really aren’t that bad once you get used to them. And blending spices aren’t hard as long as you pay attention to their used and the many constituents they are composed of.

Sore throat I know I’m going to need something soothing so I’m going to look for an herb that polysaccharides and produces a mucilaginous coating to aid with any inflammation occurring.

Stuffy cough where I hear phlegm build up I’m going to want to add to the blend something that’s going to heat up and dislodge that mucus.

A bit of peppermint and cinnamon to add taste and keep them calm.

Before the Winter season is in full swing also grab some Hylands Cell Salts that combines ALL 12 Cell salts for your household.

I have the boys take them daily. However on days where they feel something oncoming I have them take their dosage every 15 minutes to assist their Immune System.

On my live tonight I’m going to discuss foods that aide phlegm over production in our bodies.

We are serious Diary in takers and I had to be real with myself and say you know it’s either a healthy home or one that’s disordered yet health conscientious which beats the purpose.

I’ve switched to Oat Milk and we’ve cut cheese down tremendously.

Moderation is key. Going cold turkey tends to defeat the purpose when you end up giving in to your cravings.

Adding labels or classifications adds too much pressure and you end up kicking.

Adding moderation and being more intentional with your eating holds you more accountable and gives you power over food.

I ask folks to think of food intake in regards to if the World were to catastrophically fall apart will your current diet support you and keep you alive?

Can you grow your own food? Can you hunt? Can you fish? Can you eat any meat at all?

This is important. Knowing your blood type is important. Our blood truly determines how we process foods. And yes, you maybe able to change the pH of your skin, saliva, and urine temporarily but you can NOT change the pH of your blood. Idc what anyone tells you. You can’t.

All we can do is support our blood type and our bodies by eating foods that are more designed for us to digest.

As healers we have to be real with people about this.

That is our duty and oath. 💖

Everything isn’t for everyone and we can’t keep selling that notion to everyone. That is a disservice to them and our cause.

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