Oh to be Conscious & Aware

I come from a long line of Seers so I understand that I’m going to always see and perceive things from a wider perspective than the norm.

Y’all got to stop being so vexed on what other folks choose to represent their faith.

Open heart, discerned mind.

When you begin to evolve you realize how all these religions are all telling the same story with different players.

The point is that it’s all CONSCIOUSNESS.

Be better people that’s the only thing you should be concerned with not how folks choose to honor God/The Universe.

Mind y’all business and get your own mind, heart, and soul together.

Be better.

Just do you. Stop worrying about everyone else. Just be Better.

I’ll take it a step further because I by no means am dissing Christianity at all.

It’s not religions that are closed minded and attached for the wrong reasons, it’s Humans.

Humans are closed minded and attached.

Humans take things and use them to their own agendas.

Humans corrupt.

I see unhealthy attachments to Organized Religion as well as Spirituality.

Just because you say you’re spiritual doesn’t mean you’re truly at peace.

Especially if you refuse or don’t know how to do the shadow work necessary to free yourself of any unhealthy attachments to thoughts, patterns, habits, and beliefs that you have adapted to “survive.”

Surviving is a “lack mindset” way of life.

We need to learn how to let go and live to truly be free.

And I’ll end this little Ted Talk by saying these final two things:

  1. Energy is REAL.
  2. The direct connection to God is ascension through consciousness. Whether that’s through your Pineal gland, Christ, Buddha, Mohammed…. Whoever.

If you want to get through any of them you have to IDENTIFY THE TRAUMAS AND THE TRIGGERS. RELEASE AND LET GO OF THEM.

Kill off your own ego, which takes you being accountable for absolutely everything that’s happened to you in your adult life, purge, let go of any attachments, and then you will ascend.

But that’s my Ted Talk for the day.

I’m not going to respond to any comments.

I’m not against any religion. I honestly don’t think any are greater than the other and believe they all are explaining the same physiological ascension process in their own way.

And absolutely ALL OF IT is rooted in Ancient African Lore and Mysticism. But that’s a whole other conversation.

Just do what’s best for you and stop worrying about everyone else’s beliefs. As long as they are at peace I’m happy for em.

Have a great day.

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    Well said

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