Hey Ya’ll

We are growing, we aren’t constantly reinventing ourselves. We are growing into our Higher Selves! Let that light shine on!

I’ve been a very busy Queen Bee lately.

Finding my footing and getting my position as a healer, speaker, and influencer. Re-purposing Hey Kilo Cares on a creation and marketing standpoint.

The business side begins next Month. (Lawd Taxes) 🙃

Nevertheless I am extremely grateful for where I am heading. All these late nights, classes, courses, reading, and studying is beginning to show through my consistency and hardwork!

I finally finished my Introduction to Intentional Wellness Course!

I’m debuting it this Sunday at 2pm at the KC Mystics Fair! My very first speaking engagement and I am so nervously excited!

I’m grateful that I’m speaking about something I am extremely passionate about and that has changed my life in so many ways!

I turned my pain into purpose utilizing this system and found the power within that I had all along.

I am grateful! Beyond grateful!

Every L led me here. There are absolutely no coincidences in life. Everything happens for a reason!

I choose to be a VICTOR in my story!

This is my glory and I am grateful for every moment that led me here.

I am grateful for where I am now.

And I am grateful for what’s to come!

Come out all 3 days and check out all the amazing vendors, healers, and free classes with admission!

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