Final Release

Jhene Aiko has a song called “W.A.Y.S.” Where she says, “I had to lose my mind just to find my peace of mind.”

I felt like I was losing my mind back in August through September. My Husband was worried about me.

I felt alone, lost, deserted, abandoned, exiled, like I had so many folks around me and I couldn’t feel a connection.

But I just kept the faith that I would be ok.

I sat still.

I went within.

I had a convo with my Sister Dash and something she said jolted a memory for me:

For July’s New Moon I set the intention to release EVERYTHING that was not in alignment to my Highest Self.


I released it ALL!

People, habits, thoughts, worries, anger, resentment, insecurities, shame, it poured out of me. And if I didn’t get the goodbye it made sure to appear in a new trigger for me to analyze.

I kept diving deeper.

Healing myself while walking in gratitude.

I came out of Mercury Retrograde RENEWED!

My mind, soul, and heart is clear!

I’m more focused than I have ever been.

Now I’m seeing those that I love go through this too. Stay strong. It’s happening for a reason. It’s pulling you out and through to your birthright.

Your pain is pressing you through to your purpose!

Do not give up or give in. Honestly you can’t. The Universe is not going to let you give up: I tried.

Look don’t force nothing that ain’t working! Let it go. That’s the reason things be hard we be forcing things that is not for us.

I saw a meme today saying something about releasing things is avoidance. Nah! You’re not releasing everything but you are releasing what’s not in alignment to you!

I agree. Guess what you will know what is it isn’t for you. Trust Thyself!

That’s not avoidance that’s growth! Especially for my folks who previously suffered from people pleasing! Those releases are weights being lifted off of your authentic self!

Don’t let no one tell you differently.


Your journey is truly your own. And it’s a journey to self liberation.

You have to feel through it. You can’t go around it. You have to FEEL EVERY EMOTION!

Crazy cause on Nipsey Hussle’s “Perfect 10” he says that! He says he felt through every emotion to get where he is.

Where I am now!

It’s going to get better y’all just hang in there!

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