What a Life

Fear really cripples us from greatness.

I have always been the absolute worst Public Speaker and it’s so sad because I have a lot of insight to say and give.

Writing has always come so naturally to me.

But it’s time for me to step out of that fear. Lol I literally flunked my speech class in College because I only wanted to send in reports. The kicker is, it was virtual. 🥴

This weekend I overcame my fear of public speaking yall by hosting my very first Intentional Wellness Class!!!!

Surprisingly it went really well! Shocked myself at how comfortable I was.

When you’re authentic to self tho and truly walking in your truth you really can’t do any wrong.

From that one class I made two new lifelong connections.

This weekend was literally one big ol’ synchronicity. So many affirmations were put into fruition. And new ones have been made.

Seeing my dreams become real just makes me want to ensure that more folks step out of fear and go for theirs!

You guys literally have everything you need within you truly make some BIG SHIT happen. All you have to do is let go of fear and just go for it.

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