Whew Got to Unpack a Bit

Huge Takeaways as far as the Hey Kilo Cares Products:

My Wellness Syrup and Fire Cider were a big Hit!

My Hey Kilo Cares Perfumes are an even bigger hit and I SOLD OUT!!!!

I’ll be restocked by Sunday for both Sizes!

“Divine Feminine” is everyone’s favorite! That’s only because I was already sold out of “Seduction”.

I may have found a location for the upcoming DIY class!!!! So, Stay Tuned!!!!

My little cousin Riah is everything and more. I love and appreciate her for everything she is and is going to be. That’s my baby!!!!

My Family is Everything and my Family is extended to you all too. You guys are literally everything. I love you.

My Husband is the greatest man in the WORLD CRAIG!!!!

Ok dassit.

Going to add the remaining inventory to the site throughout the week.

Next Vending event is Brunch with Quez & Friends November 6th at Soiree!!!! 11am I believe and I can’t wait to see you all there!

I’m filled up!!!!!

My testimony is going to be crazy and is really going to be the proof! That y’all don’t have to be ready to be ready! What’s for you is already yours!

I said I wasn’t ready for so long to do what I’m hearing myself up to do.

And only a week or two ago I mentioned it to my Husband that I think I’m ready to do it.

And I bullshit y’all not everything is working itself out!

You can’t tell me the Universe doesn’t align you where you are supposed to be.

I said in my Intentional Wellness Course yesterday just matter of factly that I wanted to start hosting DIY classes and was looking for a space.

After the class a lady approached me with a location yall. Told her that it’s never used on the weekends and I can utilize it anytime I’d like. And it’s in an amazing location.

I’m just thanking God in advanced and GETTING READY.

Y’all better get ready too cause this is going to LIT!!!! I can’t wait!!!!

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