Got the Sniffles?

It’s the season of the sniffles!

These are a few of my favorite herbs that are featured in a few of my blends and syrups!

Nettles is featured in both my Power Blend and Focus Tincture.

Thyme & Echinacea are featured in my Cold & Flu Support Herbal Tea Blend.

Rosehips are featured in both my Immunity Support Blend and my Wellness Syrup.

My Fire Cider isn’t an herb but is jam packed with them and features cayenne, ginger, turmeric, garlic, and so much more!

Make sure you stay stocked up on herbs and products that will helps support you and your families overall wellness this Fall!

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Featured in my herbal tea “Power Blend.”
“Sings tale as old as thymmmme”….or whatever the teapot sang!
If you pay attention to the Season and the Earth, Mother provides us with what we need to survive the Winter. Roses die but rose hips remain. Appreciate her and be grateful for her bountiful knowing.
Beautiful plants in the Spring and great healing herbs for the Fall.

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