Red Table Talk & Y’all Really Just Hate Jada

Leave Jada alone and let the Smiths do them.

My Unsolicited Red Table Talk Opinion:

I really don’t care about what celebs do or overdo.

However, Y’all just have a problem with Jada.

Will Smith literally did a whole oversharing interview a year ago admitting that Jada grew up with examples of unconventional relationships where one of her parents were basically polygamous and she never believed or was in support of monogamy which wasn’t what he was used to.

Yet he adapted out of love for her.

If that wasn’t oversharing I don’t know what oversharing means.

This is their lives and quite frankly way out of the norm and concern of our silly opinions.

I don’t normally watch Red Table Talk, but I really don’t see what the fuss is about. People should be able to be honest about the need to communicate with their partners when it comes to what each of them need sexually. Nothing was embarrassing about saying that.

Y’all acting like she said his penis was small. That would be embarrassing.

Not sure why the productive conversations about sex are too much.

While a lot of you openly discuss sex inappropriately on statuses as jokes and are legit involved with someone.

I’m sure the two of them discuss the episodes like I do with my Husband.

Perception is a trip and far fetched when you are emotionally opinionated about someone else’s lives.

A lot of it is also triggering to you all so I get it.

We all have our own journeys to get and go through.

Everyone has opinions, perceptions, and realities.

The reality is if it isn’t for you don’t tune in. This is them. This is what they choose to do. Society can’t continue to control what folks think or do. All of our values don’t have to mirror.

People write memoirs every day. People do advice columns and editorials and have for decades.

People were telling rumors about the Smiths when I was a child.

Now they are walking and talking in their problems and creating power from it as the World is supposed to be comfortable with sexuality and talking loudly about it now. It’s odd to me that folks have a problem with them over sharing as if folks don’t over share every day in their ordinary lives.

This ideology is rooted in patriarchy.

Especially as we are supposed to be enlightened and free thinkers. I’m shocked by a lot of people’s perception of her saying it’s important to have honest communication with your partner on what it is you are wanting sexually.

I see people talking about poly often on my feed and a lot of these affronted folks comment, joke, be raw and honest all on these dangerous Facebook streets knowing they have spouses and partners.

Like the contradictions are so amazing when we continue to hold celebs on a peddle-stool that we don’t even sit on or touch.

They are normal human beings just like we are. Time and time again they prove this often.

I don’t know why we continue to get so caught up and attach our values to theirs.

It’s the hypocrisy for me.

Plus, who are we to say what is right or wrong for other people? We can only apply right or wrong to ourselves when it comes to someone’s values.

If no one innocent is being harmed it’s really not on us to project our opinions of right or wrong. That’s just our projected opinion.

I’m shocked.

I thought everyone was for conversations of sexual liberation and honesty.

What do you guys think?

Was Jada over sharing or walking in her truth?

Mrs. Smith proudly continue to keep doing YOU!!!!

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