Last Quarter Moon

Time to see things as they are and LET GO AND MOVE FORWARD!

Absolutely every phase of the Moon is important and symbolic to a phase in our own lives.

The Last Quarter Phase of the Moon is vital to you own growth and development.

It’s like the final lap of a race so to say.

That last lap is crucial, one mistake could cost you your victory.

If you are already ahead and get too cocky you underestimate your opponent and by letting your guard down they are capable of catching up.

If you are behind this last leg may need for you yo give it all that you got o that you can come out on top.

The Full Moon provides full illumination on areas of our lives that we need to see in it’s entirety.

This last phase of the Moon encourages us to be completely honest with ourselves. We have had these revelations for a reason. Review them, sort them out, release what isn’t for you, and make room for what’s yours to come.

When we continue to hold on to dead end connections or relationships from lovers to friends, we prevent ourselves from seeing where we truly belong.

Now is the time to put your desires, needs, and wants FIRST so that you can be filled with the passion, freedom, creativity, and vision needed to fulfill your goals.

Release what is blocking you (your self righteous obligation) and step into your truth.

You do not want to start this next Moon phase STILL dealing with the same complacent energy you should have let go two moon cycles ago.

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  1. Krystle says:

    Whew i needed this!!!

    1. Kilo Sade says:

      Yes Sis!!!! It’s our time to shine and elevate!!!!

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