You Can’t Keep Blaming Love

Love is real and it’s beautiful.

It’s beautiful to give and receive.

Y’all don’t be falling for real love y’all fall for representations of the person you admire instead of truly seeing them for who and what they are.

Or you fall for superficial things (looks, financial status, popularity, etc..) and then when those things begin to fade and that person shows who they really are it taints your perspective of love.

The signs are always there.

Sometimes we don’t even know ourselves enough to know the kind of love we truly long for or need.

We may fall in love with many mistakes before we truly find the one that is truly for us.

And that’s fine. Just own your shit, dust off, and try again.

Don’t keep blaming love, them, her, or him. Hold space for yourself in the equation too.

The truth will set you free and a lot of our truth be admitting our roles in our own situations.


Someone who’s been there before too. As a representative mask and one who has fallen a time or few for them.

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