Missing My Diva

I know if my Mama was alive she’d be down here in this basement with me making up all types of stuff.
She was way more creative than I was. Especially when it came to fashion stuff. She dressed us up like dolls.
When I know I’ve made something hella dope tho I be feeling her presence. That’s how I be knowing it’s a hit. Lol
My Mama and her crew made their own clothes, did their own hair, did their own nails, did their own makeup.
House smelled like nothing but pump it up and sequins and rhinestones would be everywhere.
I’d be right in the mix thinking I’m about to go out with them lol.
They’d just let me dress up and do my thing.
One time I took a whole jar of blue magic and half a tub of gel and put it in my hair. Took my Mama a week to get that shit out of my hair.
I also cut my eye brow off mocking them lol. My Mama drew it back on and still sent me to school. Lol
I got into her nail caboodle and got acrylic everywhere all over my hands trying to get it down. I did. That’s one thing though that you guys will never see me do. Nails are not my thing but I know how to do them.

I miss her so much.

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