New Moon In Scorpio

Happy New Moon!

This Scorpio New Moon is here to make you truly FACE YOU.

It’s all about shedding the fear of being vulnerable and finding your strength within authentically being who you are.

Scorpio’s are wise beyond their years, filled with integrity, they see things differently and aren’t afraid to feel and understand their emotions on a deeper soul level.

More folks could learn from how Scorpios feel through life.

They feel it all and are able to control their emotions in ways that we haven’t mastered. (Unless you’re a Scorpio Rising like myself.)

If you are struggling to identify your connection to humanity and aren’t feeling like socializing this is a great time to go within and be honest on what is bugging you. Find things that will bring you peace and joy and be easy with yourselves through this transition and shift.

Be isolated and drawn in just enough to learn the lesson but not to get trapped and Imprisoned in isolation. We are social and loving creatures and the goal is to find balance and strength in our vulnerability so that we are capable of attracting the right people and things In our lives.

We really are of love and where love is feat cannot exist. We can’t continue to live on in fear of being hurt and have to get to a place where we can trust in our love of self, our values, our inner voice, our light, our affirmations, and our discernment to do the work of only attracting us to what is for us. We don’t need guards to protect us, we need authenticity.

Walking within our truth and our light will bring us to and where we are exactly meant to be.

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