What A Man

So Grateful

I was just telling my Husband last night how he is this for me. Like we get so lost in our emotions at times. He is always so level headed.

You know I broke down what a real man looks and feels like to me.

Some folks say a man that is hands on that knows how to fix things, change oil, can build a house, etc….

However, I think those are great characteristics but I know and knew great examples of men that didn’t do any of those things and I know men who did all of those things that weren’t “sh*t” and treated their women badly. Never stood on their word. Didn’t know loyalty or integrity.

A Man to me is a man about his WORD and thinks and speaks on it impeccably. Someone who has VISION and sees the bigger picture. That is LOYAL and has INTEGRITY. Who honors and loves his Woman and His Family. IS God Loving and of High CONSCIOUSNESS. That isn’t just about his word but Keeps it. That exudes strength without being a brute. That is patient without being a pushover. That is tender but player with it.

A Man is someone who knows EXACTLY who he is and what he stands for. And he can’t be moved or persuaded by nothing or no one. He depends on his own logic and discernment.

A Man who maintains his cup is full so that he is capable of being strong and solid for all those around him that he loves and cherishes.

That’s why I love mine. He can’t be broken and he doesn’t hold in pain. Like I admire that in Men. Where they are strong enough to be vulnerable with their Woman. That’s the ultimate show of love to me.

I’ve been working hard on closing the World out and just enjoying my World and being mad appreciative of the love that surrounds me every day that’s real and genuine. God’s love for me and within me is unmatched. My Husbands love is unmatched. My Son’s love is unmatched. My Families love is unmatched. Honestly no other love could ever compare.

I’m Grateful.

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