Releasing Fear Freed Me

I’m a firm believer that where fear resides love can not exist.

Over 2021 I began to analyze the things I was most afraid of.

Surprisingly it was a lot of fears that I hadn’t even realized but so many of them I thought made me who I was.

I began to overcome those fears one by one.

Til there was literally nothing left.

What I learned is that some of those fears weren’t fears and moreso nerves,pride, and ego standing in my way.

A few of them were public speaking, recording myself on camera talking, doing a stand alone podcast, and fear of rejection/abandonment.

Each of these fears I analyzed and studied hard.

I looked at why these things bothered me so much. I went back in my mind to remember instances from my childhood to my adult life when I was faced with these fears and what I did in result to them.

So, many missed ooourtunities and chances. I realized that with some procrastination was my way of getting out of them.

So, I tackled my issue of procrastination by making list and doing one thing at a time. Making plans and content creation schedules/planning so that every day I was doing something productive.

I got honest with myself and with my Husband about my fears. I spoke them out loud to acknowledge them and to eliminate some of the hold they had on me.

Then I pushed myself to record.

I pushed myself to film myself.

I pushed myself to get in front of an audience and speak.

Yes, it was unnerving lol. However, I felt so good after doing it. I got a rush. I said to myself in 2022 I want to do more of this.

I want to speak in front of more audiences. I want to share my story and hopefully that will inspire other young folks to dead that voice within and realize that they too can do anything they put their minds too.

I really made something out of nothing by just believing in myself, being honest with myself, facing my fears, and letting go of unhealthy attachments to things I presumed were just a part of who I was.

I deaded that saying, “This is just how I am.”

That is NOT who we are! We are so much greater than anything we think we are.

We got to let pride and ego go. We got to drop the notion that society wants us to believe about ourselves.

Release those fears and watch how high you truly fly.

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