Can I be honest for a second:

Not sure who this download is for but y’all need to tighten up who you allow near you.

Y’all be giving people way too many chances to disrespect you or your energy.

Honestly, y’all be giving people way to much access to you.

I absolutely LOVE when people let me know they are not rocking with me.

I do not question it at all. I don’t be mad about it either. It’s their prerogative. They are entitled to how they feel. And I respect it.

I do not doubt my intuition when it comes to people. It has never steered me wrong.

Stop playing with you!

People are grown.

They know exactly what they be doing.

If you’re not a kid you know what the hell you’re doing. Even kids know. Joey is 5 about to be 6 and he knows right from wrong.

I don’t pacify myself. I’m not pacifying you.

You can make mistakes with yourselves.

Not me.

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