Happy Thoughts & Gratitude Always

The Universe is telling me to slow down and be patient.

And get some Damn rest.

I’ve been going hard at home, work, and with Hey Kilo Cares.

I’m so proud of ME. But I’m slipping on my pimping.

Accidentally mailed off an empty box to someone, which I’m correcting this evening, forgot to drop some perfumes off for my cousin to test out, forgot to make a free thigh bead for someone last week (which I’m rectifying for), I’m sure it’s more but I’m quick to fix what’s broken.

Being an entrepreneur is a lot of ups and downs and mistakes and fixes.

I try to be as forthcoming and rectify things immediately.

I have refunded money when a package has come
up missing when my website didn’t send out the tracking info. (That’s on me. I won’t refund if I show the package was delivered though and the tracking info was provided.)

I have even refunded money if someone was aggressively dissatisfied with a product or asking to much of me. (Spirit speaks through to me. It’s ok to deny service to anyone who isn’t aligned to you. Just do it in love.)

The mistakes really make me a better Boss. I learn from them. I don’t have time to get upset about them. I just do what I have to do to keep pressing forward because I LOVE WHAT I DO.

This is truly what I was designed for.

I love meeting new people and seeing their light. Heating their stories. Feeling inspired by their strength and genuineness.

It keeps me going.

I have made lifelong connections and family.

I got a whole SOUL FAMILY and I love it.

I manifested this. Cried for it on a Clubhouse room. And the Universe heard my cry.

Now I’m filled with love and gratitude.

Ask and you shall receive. Make sure you’re asking soundly for what it is you truly want. Anything is possible.

Think happy thoughts.

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