I’m Not Going To Play Inspector Gadget about The Travis Scott Concert Tragedy

I believe in energy.

I believe in America that we have an arrogant energy around us.

A heavy sense of entitlement that we at times refuse to take accountability for.

We will blame that arrogant energy on absolutely everything else than ourselves.

We struggle with accountability on so many levels.

We have a ton of negative energy that engulfs us and surrounds us.

You either play into it, become victim to it, or stay out of its way.

In my honest opinion, the tragedy at the Travis Scott concert was nothing more than a trash experience of terrible stage and setup planning and a mob of arrogant drugged out assholes who didn’t care about the many kids that were in attendance, they wanted to bumrush the stage.

I absolutely believe in spirits of benevolence and malevolence. And it’s the malevolence that absolutely influences and encourages trash ass behavior in folks. That sense of entitlement and that lack of regards for not only their own lives but the lives of others.

Now will I just sit here and say this concert was a “sacrifice”, no I can’t and won’t speculate that.

Could it have been though? Sure, but I’m not going to concern myself with it going back and forth with folks trying to piece and clue any of it together.

People will drive themselves crazy trying to put the mysteries of the World together instead of piecing and putting the missing pieces of their own souls together.

We can’t do anything about that concert but you can make sure that your own mind is never corrupted, used, or misled. You can ensure that your Soul Tribe here on Earth maintains awareness of the forces that are up against us and that folks still practice ACCOUNTABILITY because ACCOUNTABILITY is what truly sets us free.

Spiritual warfare BEEN REAL. Cognitive Dissonance is at an all time high as well. People’s minds and bodies, especially their Endocrine Systems, are so EASY to compromise. From the influence of alcohol, drugs, and the things they CHOOSE to listen and indulge in.

I’m more focused on getting ME , my SOUL TRIBE, and my COMMUNITY out of the clutches of cognitive dissonance.

Me being this way would have never allowed my kids or myself to go to a Travis Scott concert to be honest.

Sorry for what occurred, but trying to piece something together is not of my concern. It’s already evident and clear.

Sending an abundance of love and light to those directly affected by this tragedy.

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