Last thing…

My focus will never be on Celebs and their “sorcery” & issues.

My focus will forever be on how to elevate people’s minds from being transfixed and to show people how to rebuild and strengthen their Endocrine Systems so they are not susceptible to any foreign invasion rather pathologically or spiritually.

Accountability is taking in the fact that because of our choices we make ourselves more susceptible to be influenced by pop culture way more than we should be.

And that’s not just apparent from tragedy striking a concert.

We do this in more ways than one from alcohol/drug ingestion, materialistic obsession, cosmetic surgery and societies standards on beauty over health, the Sexualization of Women/Men, the Drug
game, and so much more.

There has been a war on our minds and bodies for forever and everyone plays a role into it. Somehow, someway.

No one sees the above things as an issue but for as long as they exist we will never be free.

So, I don’t worry about things celebs do or the things people do under their influence.

My focus is keeping my heart open and my mind discerned.

I’m an example not a hero.

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