Ok For Real this is it!

I know I talk about the Endocrine System a lot.

You guys will forever hear me go on and on about it because it’s just that important to me.

I have an end goal for my career and studies that surpasses herbalism.

I’ve been keeping it near and dear to my heart and those closest to me.

We are under attack daily and a lot of it is due to our own negligence and the choices that we choose to make when it comes to the foods we eat and our habits.

What we do to ourselves really matters.

A lot of people are going on and on about the Travis Scott situation.

Everyone has a speculation or what not per usual when Holly-Weird does anything.

All I see is folks still missing the point.

Our systems could never be penetrated or infiltrated if we didn’t do things or eat things or listen to things that allow us to be susceptible to foreign invasion rather pathologically or metaphysically.

Your choices in this life matter.

Choose wisely.

Here’s one of my favorite studies on Endocrine Disrupters and the effects that it has on our bodies.

I hope this sparks enough curiosity in you to start you on an important rabbit hole.

My focus and purpose in this life will never be on Celebs and their “sorcery” & issues.

My focus will forever be on how to elevate people’s minds from being transfixed and to show people how to rebuild and strengthen their Endocrine Systems so they are not susceptible to any foreign invasion rather pathologically or spiritually.


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