The most important confrontation that I had in my life was confronting myself.

Sitting still with myself and admitting to myself that I was FUCKING UP and FUCKING OFF.

Barely getting by through life.

Unhappy. Miserable. Ashamed of what I was becoming.

I knew then that I wanted to change.

I just didn’t know how.

Instead of looking from up above I did something that I had never done before.

I began to look WITHIN.

And not just within myself but within those that I was directly influenced by.

Shared stories are shared conversations of strength, pain, endurance, sacrifice, and wisdom.

I was blessed to STILL have my Great Grand for as long as I did and what I realized is that with old age comes a peaceful time of self reflection.

She helped me through my shadow work so much and I believe that through my healing that I was able to help her heal from childhood trauma she still hung on to her entire life.

We cried together. We laughed together. Danced and sang loudly.

Loved tremendously through it all in the end.

I’m a witness you can’t ascend upward to the Heavens until you go within and do the work.

The root work is required.

You can’t rise above with anger, envy, sadness, pain, vengeance, wickedness, sin, pride, ego, shame, etc. being so deeply seated within your spirit.

You have to let that go.

That’s like a hot air balloon. It can’t RISE UP until you ignite the flame right?

Even still you have to drop those weighted bags off of it before it begins to RISE.

Each BAG THAT FALLS the Balloon begins to float higher and higher.

Imagine those bags being your pains, your fears, your sorrow. Imagine igniting that flame of curiosity wondering, “If I let this thought pattern/belief go will I be ok?”

Imagine releasing it and feeling not only lighter but also LIFTED!

Now envision it for every other trouble that you keep holding on to that doesn’t serve you purpose. Imagine yourself dropping those bags off the side of your Hot Air Balloon.

Goodbye Fear! Bye Pain! Bye Depression! Bye Anxiety!

You can release them one by one. Take your time and apply Grace to yourself through it.

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