Hey Kilo Cares Cleanse Challenge

You constantly will hear me go on and on about Celebs and Ig models selling harmful detoxes to folks selling this false notion on weight loss and “body goals” that they themselves didn’t endure to get the physiques that they have.

It’s not healthy to run to the bathroom every 3 to 5 minutes shitting.

That’s not a detox that’s diarrhea.

A healthy detox will cleanse your ENTIRE system NATURALLY and will never have you depleted but will slowly release toxins from not onky your bowels, but from your colon, stomach, blood, and skin.

With consistency you will see more of a glow radiate from your skin.

During your cleanse it will be normally to see acne. Our skin is the largest organ on our body and
I don’t think people really understand how our skin functions.

It’s not just to be cute and even lol. It’s still an organ that has a purpose. It’s our body’s first defense against viral agents. That’s why it’s imperative that we protect it.

Our skin is covered in tiny holes (pores) that can emit as well as soak in what is placed on it.

There are so many airborne toxins that can seep into our skin. (Your eyes and mouth is not the only way things can get into your system. Through the skin is a direct pathway to your blood.)

Our Acid Mantle protects our skin by killing off bacteria that is a threat to our system and through nutrition and what we place on our bodies we can protect it and maintain our skins pH.

Herbs, what we eat, all of that MATTERS!!!!

Knowing all of that I wanted to make sure that I didn’t just speak on the negative effects that I educated folks on the importance of naturally cleansing and supporting your body through a detox.

That’s why I created my free Hey Kilo Cares Cleanse Challenge.

I really hope this helps folks spark their curiousity into herbal healing.

We need more herbalist in this World. We need to dead the over processing of our foods because it’s killing us.

I’m just grateful to be a vessel and speaking on what matters. Nothing less, nothing more.

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