My Journey to Vulnerability Wasn’t Easy

Nope not at all.

The thing about being vulnerable truly relies on having safe spaces that allow us to truly be ourselves.

We constantly speak on being yourself without fear or worry but in all actuality that’s easier said than done.

That’s why I created this safe space for us to have conversations to dig deeper into ourselves.

You don’t have share you can just merely observe and take what’s needed and what isn’t you can leave here. Hell even spark a conversation with a friend or two.

When it comes to being vulnerable it would be ideal to live in a more accepting World. We don’t.

It took me years to rid myself of my “people pleasing persona.”

From there I went into a “fuck everyone this is my life” false perception of free but that was moreso anger and irritation with my own life and the lack of validation I was receiving for others.

I feel all of these things is what caused me to struggle with finding myself. I was so fixated on being what I needed others to perceive me as instead of just BEing myself.

That took a lot of work to get through my desire of validation, attention, and love to just sit still with myself and find out who I was without all the attachments I had adopted.

Without all the connections from family and friends.

I really had to lose everything, including my mind, to find myself and just BE. That led to my vulnerability.

And guess what?! Even at times I still struggle because I am still confronted with Triggers that I didn’t even know existed.

I just want you all to know that you’re not alone in feeling the things that you feel. The insecurities you feel. The pains of growing. We all in some form and in some way go through it.

All we can do is accept it, take accountability for our role in our life as the Master Creator, and apply self checking methods to quickly keep us in alignment to our highest self and core values.

Be easy with yourselves in this journey called life.

We apply so much grace to everyone and so much love. Give that same grave and love if not more to yourself and watch how things start moving in your life accordingly to your thoughts!

You’re more in control than you know!

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