Worry About You

No one can tell me SHIT about me.

Everyone will have opinions about you though.

If you care enough to be bothered by what they say however, I’ll suggest going within yourself to see why their words trigger you before responding to them.

This has helped me along my journey realizing that people will rather project on you instead of looking within themselves to see why they are so bothered by what you have going on in your life.

If something someone says about me bothers me I analyze it before I respond. If what they say resonates I look into it.

The OLD me used to look for validation and would either try to convince them they are wrong or argue them down to prove why they are wrong.

Going within myself and thinking on it prevents me from having pointless exchanges with folks unless I know they speak from a place of love.

Sitting debating with folks in regards to things that uniquely make you, you though really is pointless.

Especially if it doesn’t resonate with who you are.

You may go throughout life being misunderstood. That’s fine. Continue living your truth. You don’t have to overly explain yourself to anyone when it comes to why you are the way you are.

That’s for you to figure out. And they just need to figure out if you are for them.

That’s it.

Be You and allow your tribe to organically connect with you. Stop forcing things that’s not fitting.

Soul Journeys are SOLO journeys. And your REAL tribe is going to INNERSTAND that.

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