Your Diet Affects Your Period, PERIODT.

The harder your menstrual cycle is the more it’s apparent that your nutrition needs to be changed.

Women are blessed with an additional way that our body resets and replenishes itself every Month yet we are conditioned to view our cycles as a curse.

How? If it wasn’t for our cycles life wouldn’t be. It’s because of our bodies capability to take in a seed, conceive, nourish from a seedling to a full size child, to deliver, then to nourish through our breast and our warmth…. Like ladies we really don’t give our bodies the appreciation that we truly deserve. Yet alone our men.

Like we are literally EVERYTHING.

And the harder our cycles are the more BS we clearly put into our systems that’s being pushed out.

Our skin is a heavy indicator of that.

That’s why I’m breaking out…. Had waaaaay too many fries and cupcakes than I’m afraid to admit.

But the proof is in the Zit. 😩😭😂

I may have to start my detox sooner rather than later cause who not about to be glowing out here is ME!

Seriously tho, cramps, zits, bloating, headaches, all those tell tale signs are our bodies natural capability of cleansing itself through our menstruation. Support your cycles by eating enriching foods like leafy greens (kale, spinach, collards), drinking a ton of water, drinking your herbs/tinctures (red raspberry leaf, nettles, red clover, crampbark, motherwort), and getting REST and relaxation is important.

Eating hella junk is not it and actually makes it worst on your pains and irritability.

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