Glory to BE

I believe when it comes to religion/spirituality that you can not discredit another’s beliefs at all.

All you can do is say rather something resonates with you or not.

But you can not tell someone that their beliefs are wrong or not correct because YOU DON’T KNOW.

And your faith doesn’t make you greater or better than anyone else.

It’s your faith and your relationship and you can not measure yours up against anyone else’s.

I don’t think The Creator has all these Human emotions that y’all place on Thee. That’s your mixed up feelings and emotions.

I refuse to believe that a energy so massive that created The Heavens, the Stars, The Universe, and all of the realms and it’s inhabitants could be so pressed on things that y’all speak or be so pressed about.

That’s all you.

As I get further seated in my spirituality I realize that I have studied a lot of different religions but I have never EXPERIENCED them.

So, I want to experience them deeper.

I want to go to a Buddhist temple.

I want to go and pray with Muslims and have my head touch the ground in surrender.

I’m going to go pick a few of my favorite Pastors brains and ask them questions that I have always needed clarity on.

Open heart, discerned mind.

My only expectation throughout the rest of my life is to simply BE.

No attachments just respect for what was BEfore me and hope for what’s to BE tomorrow.

Das it. Dats all.

Life is an experience and I plan on experiencing everything that is in alignment to me.

Expressing nothing but gratitude throughout it all.

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