I Get Lost In Science.

Everything is Connected

Take out the spirituality and religious opinionated aspects of our minds and look at Scientific facts.

Our bodies are literally made up of the SAME atoms that the stars and planets are made up of.
That animals are made up of.

Crystals, which are fossilized minerals, contain literally every molecule that exist within the universe in a fossilized, pressure created form. Crystals are so powerful that most of our MANMADE technology that we use contains parts of crystals to even work or function. From thermostats, microwaves, CELL PHONES, computers, etc.

The trees, plants, bodies of water.

You wonder why Oceans SOOTHE you when you are near them? It’s just not nostalgia.


Birds and animals aren’t as conditioned as we are even those in captivity can tell when a storm is coming. Recall how your dogs act once it starts thundering and raining. Zeus gets nervous way before a storm hits. He gets prepared and goes somewhere in the house where he feels safe. Birds outside get out of dodge and take shelter same as squirrels and they get quiet. Before a storm hits animals tend to sit still.

But anyhoots….

We have millions of cells in our body. Each cell depending upon which organ it is assigned to has their own specific job to do.

Our cells thrive when we are supplying our bodies with nutrients that they need to thrive. (Keep telling ya’ll to get CELL SALTS)

You are CELLULAR. You can repair yourself cellularly.

You can also damage your cells and kill them voluntarily by introducing toxins to it.

Cells have their own way of dying and being rebirthed, apoptosis, we don’ need to help them. (Surprisingly had an argument with a wise drunk who argued cells die anyway. So, you just want to keep drinking alcohol to kill the rest off?)

What seems to be a good time is really damaging your tissues thus your cells.

Get pro-active with your health before you are too far gone.

Like if your system is constantly in a state of chaos and your body is constantly in a state of repair due to the damages you keep inflicting on it of course your Immune Systems will be shot to shit. It’s overworked.

There’s not enough seamoss, elderberry syrup, or pokes to help you if your body is overexerted.

That’s why a lot of folks are getting sick with these boosters.

There’s a commercial that airs on a local radio station (103 in KC) at night where they FINALLY emphasis the importance of a balanced life and nutrition in addition to being poked. Which is what I’ve been saying ALL ALONG.

You have to get more intentional with your lives and the choices you make in life from what you eat, what you do, how you think, where you go, who you go with, etc..

You really have to.

End Rant.

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