Tea of the Day

Who likes Red Clover Tea?

What’s in my jar today?!

I’m switching it up and preparing for my sacred time of the Month with some Red Clover Tea.

As a diuretic red clover has been known to “purify” the blood by helping our body get rid of access fluids. This makes it great at not only weight loss but healthy skin. (Great tea for anyone who suffers from eczema.)

As an expectorant it helps to clear our lungs of phlegm overproduction and is ideal for anyone suffering asthma or bronchitis.

Because it’s such a great herb for blood flow and circulation, it’s no my ideal for anyone on blood thinners to take this if on prescribed medication to thin blood.

Red Clover is also ideal for anyone experiencing any pre-menopausal symptoms or estrogen deficiency as it contains isoflavones that mimic estrogen. (Consult with your docto prior to taking.)

I’m typically a Nettles girl but my Instructor has convinced me to give red clover a chance and I have a HUGE bag of it. So, let’s try it out:

I’m going to add it to the site as well and it will be available for purchase.

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