Perfectly Imperfect

I think the most common thing that’s misunderstood about me is folks think I am perfect or THEY assume that I think I am perfect and I have never thought that.

I just am who I am.

I remember one time someone told me angrily, “You think you’re the Shìt!? You’re not Shìt!”

I told them calmly, “No, you think that I am and through your own issues you wish that I wasn’t.”

Some people hate that what should have broken you didn’t. Simply because they feel broken. And that’s all in their minds.

They fail to see the pains and the darkness that you had to go through to get to these moments of serenity.

To stand tall.

I didn’t run from my darkness I embraced it.

That’s the only difference between me and a lot of you.

Y’all will duck and dodge your flaws and mask them up and constantly seek validation from groups of people who are hiding flaws uglier than yours.

And I walk as I am, flaws and all.

That’s the only difference between me and you.

I am no better than any of you as none of you are better than me or anyone else.

We are all flawed imperfections yet still perfectly in alignment within this imperfectly perfect World.

And our World is just a small fragment of a larger Universe.

But what do I know?

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