Are You Nutritionally Prepared For Anything?

Saw a post recently where Vegans were putting folks down for drinking and eating dairy. I’ve been seeing non meat eaters putting a ton of folks down for doing whatever it is they choose to do.

I want to say the following:

  1. You don’t have to be Vegan/Vegetarian to be healthy.
  2. Your blood pH is what it is it can not be altered or changed based off of diet. You can change the alkalinity of your skin but you can not change or alter your blood.
  3. Your blood absolutely has an affect on how your body supports your digestion as well as aides in the digestive process.
  4. Going cold Turkey on things without preparation typically will cause you to over indulge if you lack consistency and discipline. (Less diet mindset. More lifestyle changes and accountability.)
  5. Raw diary is not bad for you. Raw Milk and products made with raw dairy ingredients is not the issue AS LONG AS YOUR BLOOD is tolerant to it.

You don’t have to be a plant based Almond/Oat/Cashew/Coconut elite and honestly if you’re not making it yourself, it’s still OVERLY PROCESSED no matter what is on the carton.

If you don’t recognize or know what ALL the ingredients are that are listed then it’s over processed.

Oat Milk is easy to make and more eco friendly in comparison to Almond milk. Which is why theirs a slight almond shortage around the World.

Realistically, when it comes to your health & nurtrition, you really need to stop thinking on a thought basis of aesthetics, and moreso on Survival in case these BORDERS REALLY CLOSE US OUT TO THE WORLD. If not will your body be prepared for an adjustment of such if the need to eat differently arises?

Will your current diet support be supported if such a case like that were to happen? Could you grow everything you need to survive? Do you have enough meat replacement protein for yourself and your family?

What about water sources?

Gardening is important.

Fishing is important.

Hunting is important.


We may not know what’s truly is next to come but we for damn sure CAN BE PREPARED.

Be intentional and mindful always. Less dividing and more coming together to support each other!

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