Pride. Love. Feeling. A rant.

We are so prideful about the wrong shit.

We take offenses way to personally as people.

So, when people apply boundaries or demand your respect outside of the norm of what they are “used to experiencing” from you, they get offended due to their issue of being corrected.

Then it’s, “You’ve changed.” “You’re fake.” “Oh what you think you’re better than me?”

Absolutely not! I don’t think that at all.

What you won’t do is ever make me feel bad about evolving into the direction I’m supposed to go.

You do you.

I’m not telling anyone that my evolution makes them beneath me. If that’s how they feel they are highly mistaken. That’s never my intentions.

Maybe I’m just rubbing something in you that’s wanting to break free from the mask that you are choosing to wear. Soul stirring.

I’m simply being myself and in alignment to the direction The Universe is guiding me.

Your journey is YOUR OWN.

You really don’t have to explain it to anyone just be your own example of the type of World you want to live in.

They’ll get it eventually or die trying or die ignorant.

Whatever floats their boats.

Me? I’m only responsible for my experience here on Earth.

I’m going to LIVE IT the way that I design.

People be like, “Life’s too short to not speak to those that you love.”

Nah, life’s too short to ever have to BEND OR FOLD to feel accepted by those that you love.

I’ll love you from a distance before I’ll EVER bend or fold for your comfort. STILL LOVE YOU! If you ever need me I’m there!

I’m balanced enough to not take distance personally from others when they are along their journey. Some folks think isolation is healing. “Cutting folks off that don’t fuck with you,” is not healing.

Healing is deeper than just letting go.

It’s easy to let something go and attempt to relieve your pain by not feeling anything at all.

Going numb is not healing. It’s a part of the process but you still have a ways to go.

Healing is FEELING EVERYTHING and learning how to FEEL it all without exploding or lashing your pain out on others.

It’s not becoming so emotionally unavailable that you feel nothing at all.

It’s about feeling it all without isolating yourself out of fear of feeling it.

A lot of people are afraid to feel shit and it shows.

A lot of people suffer the consequences of folks being unable to feel every time we say RIP to someone gunned down.

If you are sick of the cycle, the only solution begins in YOU.

Re teach yourself how to feel.

People always saying love is the solution and it is.

How can you love anything, yourself included, if you’re afraid to feel?

You can’t truly love anyone if you’re afraid to feel it.

Love really ain’t hard.

WE make that shit harder than it needs to be.

We make shit way harder.

Yeah life wasn’t handed to our people on a silver platter but we for damn sure take a very long time to realize that we got the power to turn those kibbles into an Entree.

We make this shit harder by refusing to BE.

I’m so done with that.

I don’t know about y’all but I am absolutely done with that.

Been done with it.

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