It’s Not Expensive To Eat Healthy

I really want to be the example and DEAD myths when it comes to health and wellness.

What I realized is that anything that’s potentially GOOD for us is deemed unreachable to us or evil or bad for us.

You constantly hear that eating healthy is too expensive and that is a LIE.

It’s not. We waste so much money on buying junk! We’ve created this excuse of eating organically is high.

Really start adding up the things you purchase, the times you go out to eat, and you will see there really isn’t a difference in cost once the figures are side by side.

Not to mention you can grow your own vegetables and certain fruits on your own for under $100!

My goal is to serve as an example on how it can easily be done with intentional planning, educating, and execution. And I’m going to share it all with you!

2022 will be a year of purpose and intention for us all! Together we can create a community that encourages, motivates, and enriches each other to push towards our wellness goals, share tips on where to shop, what to eat/what not to eat, how to heal and more!

Let’s dead the Myth of “Eating Healthy is too expensive.”

It’s not!

We overspend on so many things that aren’t important!

What you put in your body and on your body is what truly matters!

And once you put a side by side cost analysis of what you spend on leisure BS to organic healthier options you will see there isn’t a large deficit that your mind has concocted.

We make a ton of excuses when it comes to doing what’s truly going to be beneficial to our wellbeing because in all actuality we don’t want to admit how much control food has over us.

There are hormones in foods for a reason and it’s not just for it to taste good.

Anytime your body starts to crave something out of control that’s how you know your body needs a cleanse.

Nothing should have that much power over you.

It starts within so that it can be reflected outside of you with time and consistency!

The Hey Kilo Cares Cleanse Challenge is step 1.

How far along are you on your cleanse!?

I’m on day 1! I decided to start today. Why wait?

Let’s get it!

I made a huge batch of my veggie broth and veggie soup!

Cut up some celery, apples, and carrots for breakfast this morning and making my Red Clover, turmeric, ginger, and dandelion tea. (Pinch of Cayenne)

What are you guys having?

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