Controlling My Narrative

There’s a moment in life where you get to a point where the only thing that matters is your peace of mind.

I am there.

I realized last night that we really can control our narrative. We control what we indulge in. We control who we want to deal with. What we want to believe. What we think. What we open our minds and hearts to.

We really have more control over our experience here on Earth than we give ourselves credit for.

I believe my journey has been leading me here for a very long time and last night it finally resonated loudly.

And it felt Damn good.

I don’t have to indulge in, react to, converse with, bond with, fight with anyone about what it is that I choose to believe in.

Recently I had a friend that I admire delete myself and a few others off of his page and I never understood why but I respected it and understood that it’s no hard feelings.

We really don’t have to engage with what doesn’t resonate with our energy.

Honestly I respect people more who regain back their power. It’s control and the unnecessary attachments that we have with folks due to history with them or our own need for others validation that we follow and befriend folks that our soul just doesn’t vibe with.

I’m extremely good on that.

Honestly, if I had more time and didn’t have more pressing things to do I’d do a deep purge on my personal Facebook page as well.

We get way too attached to it. And honestly I’d rather have physical social interactions with a lot of you because you’re real persona is better than the one you portray online.

Then a lot of you are worst than what you portray online. And honestly, none of it personally concerns me at all.

I feel hella freed to be able to engage in and with who I choose to socialize with.

I encourage others to get to this point to.

My debating days are over.

Now, I absolute LOVE having meetings of the minds with folks but your delivery, approach, and tone will determine rather I engage with you or not.

Some of you are too emotionally tied into your beliefs and I will forever challenge and push you to see how unhealthy it is to be that invested emotionally in anything.

So, our conversation would be pointless. UNTIL you release some cords holding you captive.

See myself, I’m free. I’m not attached to anything or anyway of thinking and with folks who vibrate on a similar frequency even having beliefs that is different from mine, we can discuss things from a place of respect and love.

Y’all love coming straight in with punchlines, disrespect, and that elitist mentality which honestly says more about you than any point you’re trying to make.

And I’ll only frustrate you further because you can’t bully or project your opinions on me.

So yeah. There’s so much freedom in controlling what you want to see, what you want to say, where you want to go, and who you want to deal with.

I love it here.

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