Are You a Prisoner of Your Universe or Your Own Master?

I laugh and joke about astrology for shits and giggles but to be serious for a moment Astrology is a lot deeper than your sun sign.

That’s just surface level.

Astrology is just as complex as we are because it is of us.

Despite what you believe it can all be correlated, like our own genetic makeup, to the Universe.

As the same atoms that make up the stars are what we too are comprised of.

A lot of the times when you’re bashing other signs I guarantee a lot of that sign you’re bashing is probably all up and through your Birthchart governing houses and ruled by planets that make up your character and nature. And instead of understanding it, you shame it coincidentally shaming yourself.

If anything Astrology is merely a guide or a map to navigate through life that’s an added bones to our design.

WE still CHOOSE how we want to get to the destined ending that’s already written for us. That’s what we are in control of.

God/Source/Allah (pick your choice) already has the plan, we either go along with it, trusting ourselves and following the stars and signs that Thee created, or we OURSELVES not any evil entity, will go off course and try to wing it alone and ignoring red flags.

We allow false fulfillment from lust, desire, greed, envy, and vanity consume us and fill us with ego driven pride losing our essence and our true identity.

The only solution is to go within, face ourselves, be real with ourselves. Have a real heart to heart admitting and accepting our flaws and way ward ways so that we can internally realign and find balance.

That’s how you truly heal.

I can’t heal anyone I can just offer advice and be an example of a person that journeyed through her own darkness, even still, and found enough light to guide myself through it, even still.

It’s all consciousness. You can either be a prisoner to your mind, emotions, desires, and impulses. OR you can be a Master of it all.

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