Can We Talk About Love For A Minute?

My Husband 💖

Can we talk about love for a minute?

What it truly represents.

How we go through life thinking that love is our desire, passion, and only executed through intimacy and touch.

Through sex and lust we lose ourselves in this false perspective of what love is.

How that lust attaches us to people and situations that our spirits outgrow.

We stay looking for more.

Sacrificing ourselves on a quest to find love in all the wrong places and spaces.

I said in November of 2019 that my next love would be my greatest love.

That I would wait forever before I laid in bed with another man because I wanted to get to the depth of him and learn everything about him. He, in return, will learn everything about me.

The good, the bad, the darkness, and the light. Love me in my rare natural essence through every high and low that we experience.

I didn’t want to continue cycles of meaningless connections that I witnessed my Mama endure, my Grandmothers endure, my friends, hell myself.

I wanted a connection that was profound.

That was honest, pure, true.

The Universe has a funny way of challenging us.

12/1/2019 I found my Man.

Duane Sneed you’re all that I needed, all that I want.

You challenge me in ways that I never knew I needed to be challenged in.

It’s been a battle taming the shrew within me but she is now…. Slightly, more submissive than I’ve ever knew how to be.

I’m still a rebel though but you love me as I am.

I’m always moved to tears at the thought of the way that you love me and how fortunate that I am that you haven’t given up on me.

People I’m sure may think we are crazy, or that this won’t last, or that this is nothing but I never cared because I know. I know and I always knew.

I’ve waited 20 years to be loved like this and this is only a portion of the love I’ll get once you’re home.

Cloud 100 is what you have me on even on down days.

I love you for everything you are, everything you used to be because it’s made you the man that you are today.

Happy Anniversary Daddy 💖

P.S. love my scatterbrain more than ever ok? Ok! Lol

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