How’s Your Cleanse Going?

Celery Juice Up!

Great Rising loves!

As you cleanse, what are some changes you’re starting to notice?

Somethings that you may experience that I have are:

  1. Regularized bowl movements

As a child I suffered from constipation. Mother dear gave me prune juice (yuck) often to help with it. Doctors would tell my Mom that I needed Milk of Magnesium and Mother Dear wouldn’t have it. She always relied on diet and prune juice or NASTY CASTOR OIL!

In my adult years I definitely would be able to tell if I wasn’t eating right by the movement of my bowels.

On average a human adult should have at least a bowel movement or two a day. (Don’t trust Google)

Our bodies are a system that runs as one and runs 24 hrs even while we are sleeping our organs are going and keeping us vibrating.

To be honest you should at least have 3 a day.

They should not be runny and definitely not to hard.

My Endocrinologist told me that once I started to see a ‘S’ shape in my stool that I was doing right.

Some people are probably like that gross you pay attention to all that but we really should.

How else do you know yourself if you’re not paying attention to yourself and what is produced and coming from you?

  1. Your Menstruation maybe altered or delayed as your cleanse due to your body safely preparing itself to release toxins with your flow.
  2. You may see an increase of rashes or acne as the toxins are being pushed out of your system through not only your bowels but your skin. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. I typically fill my 33 oz water bottle up and drink it throughout the day refilling it up twice. On the third refill around bedtime I drink half the bottle and in the morning I wake up and drink the other half and refill. I drink about 70+ ounces of water a day.

Water intake varies but signs that you’re drinking to much water extremely clear urine and frequent urination. Cut back if you start to experience this.

If you’re not drinking enough your mouth will be dry, headaches, and dark urine will be present.

This is why it’s super important during this cleanse that you learn yourself and what you need and how your respond.

Overtime and sticking to an Intentional Wellness Food Plan you will see a natural glow radiating from your skin.

  1. Going through withdrawals and craving gets heavy. You may feel irritable or moody. Yoga and breathe work is amazing. I’m going to post a breathing exercise that I love to do that helps me calm down and find my flow and balance.

Keeping nuts and berries will help as well. Making sure you’re starting your morning off either eating fruits and veggies or oats and berries will help you feel full and jumpstart your system.

You’re off to a good start! Taking back control of your physical being which will ignite serenity within your mental and spiritual essence.

Day by day! You got this!

Bottles up!

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