Things that always fascinate me:

Y’all debating and worrying about the wrong things.

Like assholes, everyone has opinions.

Doesn’t mean they are truth or valid.

People live accordingly to their own truth. What works for them may or may not work for you. Vice/versa.

Their lives. Their issue. Not yours or mine.

Y’all make adulting unnecessarily difficult.

Do you.

Theirs been a debate on my timeline on young boys playing with kitchen sets at a young age not being deemed “ok” and how it’ll end up with the young boy growing up gay.

The silliest shit I’ve ever seen.

This debate further pulls the mask off of folks too and if I were someone in the LGBTQ community I’d be side eyeing a lot of you.

This debate could potentially be triggering to think that

  1. Growing up gay is a problem or a disease.
  2. How most of y’all would react if your child came to you and came out. I’d hate to be that child about to come out to someone that’s immature and only loves me under the condition that I live up to their standards.

A lot to unpack.

Sexual preferences is up to someone’s discretion. It’s not disgusting, it’s not a disease, and quite frankly it’s none of any of y’all’s concerns if someone is attracted to the opposite gender.

The only things disgusting in our community is grooming underage boys and girls, incest, child molestation that y’all sweep into closets and refuse to acknowledge or speak on that continues cycles of trauma in our community, and the oversexualization of our young Queens.

That should really be a conversation!

And women feed into this self hate more than the men do. Yet y’all benefit from the services that a lot of Gay men provide.

I never understood why it was more acceptable for two women to be gay and not two men.

Why is that?

Why does it matter to you?

Why are you guys so bothered by it?

This is ridiculous.

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