My Sis messaged me and said, wait, wheat?

Yes, wheat!

Wheat no matter what it is, whole grain, organic, whatever, it is HIGHLY INFLAMMATORY. Wheat contains gluten.

What is gluten? Gluten is a protein found in a ton of grains. You can find it in bread, cereal, and pasta. (Currently a war in my home cause they are over me too. Lol but I spend the cash and cook.)

Combine your wheat consumption with Dairy you’re now really adding to your bodies overall imbalance to inflammation going out of control.

It’s ok:

I’m not telling anyone to go cold turkey.

I’m just saying cleanse EVERY NOW & THEN to help reset your system.

Over time you’ll begin to seeing and feeling on your own how the cleanses make you feel.

Intentional Wellness is all about DOING WHAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU.

Doing what makes YOU feel good.

I’m just supplying the information. You do not have to take heed to it, apply it, unless YOU desire to.

Going cold Turkey is hard for a lot of us to do.

However I find inspiration seeing people that I love defy the odds of Science and their Doctors by taking their health back into their OWN hands.

I can’t wait til one of my SiStars shares her story of her bout with Covid while having a autom immune deficiency off of her prescribed medications.

When I say GOD ALWAYS has the final say! 🙌🏾 God ALWAYS has the final say.

I stand to walk as an example always. Never what’s right or wrong for right or wrong is your own perception to what is relative to YOU!

Prior to my cleanse I pigged out on everything just to see how my body would feel once I began to cleanse.

And oh my God! Did I FEEL IT.

Yesterday, my anniversary I was absolutely DOWN.

Headache took me out.

Slept it off and today I feel so clear!

Day 4 y’all! Let’s keep going!

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