Walk Within Your Truth

This is my favorite episode of the show.

We fight so hard IN VAIN to be what everyone else wants us to be instead of just BEing who we are.

This keeps us stagnant and complacent.

This keeps us constantly looking outside of ourselves for more.

This keeps us unhappy within.

This blocks us from truly seeing what is for us!

When you walk within your truth you won’t question a thing!

You’ll already know what’s for you, where you’re supposed to go, who you are supposed to be dealing with.

You’ll be able to FEEL everything.

And if something happens that disrupts your peace you’ll be more equipped to control your emotional response to it!

We are only in control of ourselves. Everything else is out of our concern and our only concern should be to BE. Not trying to convince anyone else to walk, talk, or think like you.

Let everyone show themselves and you don’t question those 🚩 you see!

Check it out.


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