Ode to Marvin

Even at the height of Marvin Gaye’s career a lifelong suffering of childhood abuse plagued his adult years with feelings of inadequacy, pain, and fear.

Just imagine where his career would have led him had he separated himself from the Father who could never be satisfied because he wasn’t satisfied with himself.

Even after having all the riches in the World, we constantly see Celebs dealing with drug addictions, abuse, financial illiteracy, gun violence, and so much more.

We need to remedy within ourselves the need to feel validated from outsiders. Can’t no one give you joy that’s already yours to begin with.

No one. Not your Mom, Dad, Spouse, no one!

They should only be able to add to the joy that you have already found.

I remember always feeling empty waiting on people to see and understand me. Accept me. Love me. I was caught in reciprocating and receiving love built off of conditions.

As long as I did what they wanted me to do or as long as I was who they needed me to be they loved me. One false move I wasn’t shit and Vice versa. Do you know how often we do this and how much that makes us feel like we aren’t enough?

Our validation should only come within ourselves.

We really are already enough and we have everything within ourselves to be exactly what it is we are designed to be.

We need to see that and understand that joy is already ours. We need to be willing to defend our joy and not allow anyone to steal it away from us. No matter who they are or how much history we may have with them.

How many are honest enough to admit that they to at times feel inadequate?

I’ve been here before for sure.

Day by day y’all.

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