Communication rules the Nation and saves relations, I can tell.

Today, on this New Moon/Total Eclipse in Sagittarius, I’ve been painstakingly faced with the realization that I suck at communicating with those that I love.

Anxieties have been running extremely high since my release of my “Pain” episode for my podcast, “Evening Tea With Ki”, my first DIY class is tomorrow, orders/prep work for my upcoming vending events, parenting, Wifing, & work. Y’all, I feel extremely overwhelmed.

So, to ground myself, I am taking a nice self love milk bath to relax my sore muscles and mind.

As I sit in this tub it dawned on me how frustrating I can be when it comes to communicating with those that I love. And how frustrated that I get that my love ones don’t always see when I am at a breaking point.

It’s really not on them to read my mind. It’s not fair for me to think they should be able to decipher my attitude as an outcry that I have too much on my plate and that I am running myself thin.

Especially if I’m constantly “acting” like Superwoman, how would they ever be able to tell that I am in need. I don’t voice it. I don’t show it. I don’t yell out for it, vocally or physically. I don’t even send up smoke signals.

I know someone out there can relate.

So, the clarity is that it’s me again, lacking communication skills because I truly have folks that care for me and want to see me, and my brands, succeed.

I’ve mentally compiled a list of things I need done:

1. I need a slumber party with my homegirls. My real homegirls. With healthy snacks, movies, and no chillren.

2. I need a massage. Like SOON.

3. When I go on vacation at the end of December, I’m going on vacation! Orders made from December 24th through January 4th will not be filled, worked on, or shipped out until AFTER January 5th. I’m exhausted y’all and my vending events haven’t even began!

4. Season 1 of “Evening Tea With Ki” will conclude on December 23rd, the anniversary of the day I cleared and connected with my Higher Self/reconnected with my Mama. It’ll mark a year and I feel like, that’ll be full circle you know. A growth check to say the least.

5. I need to take my Husband on an official Date Night and show him the Appreciation that he deserves. He sees me at my “highs” and my very “lows” and he tries so hard to be there for me even while he’s under immense pressure himself. I love you and I appreciate you. I guarantee I’ll be alright.

6. Take photos with the kids while we are on vacation. We have no group photos and I don’t like that.

7. Have a Sister date with my Sisters. 3 are here and we need to do better hanging out in 2022. I don’t want to wait until then to do so either. I want to start now.

8. I’m hosting an ugly sweater party at my house and I want my close friends and family to be there. So RSVP! I promise everything won’t be Vegan y’all!

9. More Cousins dates in 2022.

10. Take flowers more to Mama, Mother Dear, and Great Grands sites.

11. Breath. All the time. Sat aside a quiet hour to myself to breath. Meditate. Sit absolutely still. Every day. Every single morning before everyone gets to moving around. 💖

In the meantime, all my followers, supporters, friends, and family, I ask that you guys SHARE MY POST.

Please support me this way by sharing my content! “Hey Kilo Cares” and “Evening Tea With Ki” mean EVERYTHING TO ME!

I don’t want this to be in VAIN. I want my message, my story, my strength, my transparency, my light to shine everywhere it needs to be shined and I need your help to push it!

I have helped so many Women and Men to go within themselves, to see that blinding light within themselves. I know my mission here on Earth is to do exactly what it is that I am doing.

I don’t need the money or the accolades, that’s going to come regardless. I need you guys that see my light to share it so that the folks that need to see and hear me can.

That’s all I got.

Self love bath Recipe:

Epsom Salt

Dried Roses – Love

Sage- Grounding/Protection

White Candle – Surrender

Clear Quartz- Clarity

Strawberry Quartz Crystal- Receive/Reciprocate Love (any pink or green stone will suffice)

Rose Essential Oil – Intention of Love

Lavender Essential Oil – Soothing

Lavender Incense (optional)

Powder Coconut Milk

Directions: Mix Epsom Salt, oils, coconut milk, and herbs in bowl. Add to bath water. Sit your ass in that tub and CHILL.

Play some music and zone the hell out!

Sending love and light y’all!

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  1. Krystle says:

    It’s always hard to express what we need i don’t know if it makes us feel weak for asking for help or what lol , some times it’s like can’t you see I’m struggling but like you said we can’t expect people to read our minds… great read

    1. Kilo Sade says:

      Yes it is soooo hard!!!! I be like dont you see me drowning! And idk maybe it’s a pride thing too. We are so used to doing things on our own! It’s hard but so necessary to get relieve especially when we have folks that want to be there and help us. Day by day! But we breaking down these walls!

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